Top Cooking Channels on YouTube That You Should Subscribe Now

People often think that cooking channels are only to be subscribed to by those who are amateurs and want to learn cooking. This is not necessarily right as anyone can choose to spend time on these channels. Whether you are an amateur or an expert who wants to discover new recipes or just someone who enjoys watching these videos, cooking channels are for everyone.

And for that, YouTube is one of the best learning and inspiration sources for cooking enthusiasts. You can even play a video in the kitchen and follow everything step by step. But for your culinary journey on YouTube, there is another important step as well. That is having stable internet at home so that the video doesn’t go in buffering mode while you’re holding salt and spices in both hands wondering which one goes in what quantity.

The advent of the internet has revolutionized the way we consume and share information, and cooking channels have experienced a profound impact in this digital era. The internet has provided an accessible platform for culinary enthusiasts and professionals to showcase their skills, share recipes, and engage with a global audience.

Cooking channels on the internet have expanded exponentially, offering a wide range of content tailored to diverse tastes and dietary preferences. From instructional videos and step-by-step recipes to live cooking demonstrations and interactive platforms, the internet has transformed cooking channels into interactive and immersive experiences.

Additionally, the internet has democratized the culinary world, allowing aspiring chefs and home cooks to gain exposure and build their own online communities. Social media platforms have become virtual gathering places where food enthusiasts can connect, exchange ideas, and inspire one another.

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With that sorted, read further to take a sort of culinary trip all across YouTube to find a channel that fits your interests. These are some of the best and most extraordinary channels that can ignite or reignite the cooking passion in you.


If you’re looking for a quirky, tasty, and channel with a wide array of cooking content, immediately subscribe to Emmymade. One of the highlights of her channel is that she recreates viral TikTok cooking videos to debunk what can be made and what was just a trick of the camera. She even resurrects some 100 year old cakes and takes you on a culinary world tour to virtually tingle your taste buds.

But she also knows that people may not have a lot of time to watch long videos and may be in search of quick inspiration. For this, she has a lot of YouTube shorts that are enough to give you something that you’re looking for. Even the simple things are on her channels such as everyday ramen or just fried rice.

Babish Culinary Universe

With over 10 million subscribers on YouTube, this channel is one of the best on the platform. Babish Culinary Universe, previously known as Binging with Babish, originally started as a channel on which foods from movies and shows are recreated. While this still remains the main focus, it also has a series called Basics with Babish which teaches you some more fundamental cooking skills that everyone should know.

Even from these videos, you can discover some excellent little recipes that are easy to try. Do check out his cookbook, which features some 100 recipes that he recreated from famous movies and shows. His upcoming book will be released in October 2023, so you even have something delicious and exciting to look up to.

Bon Appétit

This is the space for those foodies who know the basics but now want to take that extra step that will up their culinary game. All the tips, techniques, and tricks that you need to become a master in the kitchen are packed in this channel. The team behind this channel is full of chefs and cooking experts that give you all the right advice with delicious content.

There are some behind-the-scenes videos too if you actually want to know how messy things can be in the kitchen even for professionals. Bon Appétit Test Kitchen is one of their most famous series in which new recipes are tested and developed. It’s both a fun and educational series for all food lovers. The food on this channel looks as good as it will taste when you try it at home.


Sometimes you just want to get out of the fancy things and learn about simple and rustic recipes that don’t need you to be a kitchen pro. HomeCookingShow is a YouTube channel hosted by Hema Subramanian who takes you to the depths of easy yet delicious recipes.

The recipes range from easy bakes to simple snacks to some little vegetarian dishes. The videos feature an easy step-by-step format that is very easy to follow and can be applied in one’s kitchen as well. With over 399 million views, this channel is a very good discovery for all foodies.

Brian Lagerstorm


Brian Lagerstorms’s YouTube channel is going to be an amazing addition to your list. It has all the basics that you’d love to learn such as how to make pasta from scratch, how to then make three different salads from this pasta, or how to make this delicious-looking loaf of bread.

Also, his channel has organized playlists; now that’s a relief because going through random videos to find the one that you’re looking for can be very annoying. Find a playlist and learn everything about that topic with ease. You’ll also get to learn about the alternatives of some fancy products so that you stay within budget limits.


It’s time to smash that subscribe button on all the channels that you’ve loved reading about. From easy-to-make home recipes to some restaurant-style fancy dishes, these channels have a wide array of content that will be enough to satisfy your inner chef.