Can You Put Glass In An Air Fryer?

You’ve finally bought that air fryer you’ve been dying to try out. You’re looking up all the new recipes to experiment with and what ingredients you’ll need, and you realize you’re not too sure what kind of cookware you can put in an air fryer.


Can you use microwave or oven-friendly dishware in an air fryer? You know that stainless steel is a safe bet, but what about glass?


Can you put glass in an air fryer? Glass containers or bowls?


Yes, You can put glass in an air fryer. A microwave-friendly or oven-safe glass bowl or dish will work just as well as it does in the former, as it will in an air fryer. So whether you want to cook something in it or have a glass bowl of leftovers you want to pop into the air fryer to get cooking, glass bowls are allowed in an air fryer.


That being said, there are some restrictions involved, and it doesn’t hurt to know just under what circumstances you can or cannot use glass in an air fryer.


Cold glass bowls in an air fryer


You cannot put a cold glass container inside an air fryer. This is because the temperature inside an air fryer can rise considerably high in just a few minutes, and your ordinary glass dish will not hold out against that heat if it was cold when you put it in.


Why will a glass bowl shatter inside an air fryer?


1. Any sudden hike or drop in temperature, when it affects the glass’s own temperature, will cause it to crack or shatter, and the food inside becomes contaminated with shards.


2. Another reason why your glass bowl will shatter is if you use low-grade or structurally weak glass. Hold the bowl up against the light and check for cracked veins. These veins can expand when the glass heats, and the cracks will shatter your bowl.


What can you do?


1. There is a test to check if your glass container is air fryer safe, and that is to put it inside your appliance, with nothing in it, and cranking the heat up. You can repeat this process a few times to make sure your glass bowl is safe to use in an air frying before you cook food in it.


2. Consider warming your glass bowl a little before using it inside an air fryer. A small quantity of warm water should preheat the glass and bring it to room temperature. This step will reduce the risk of it shattering or exploding.


3. Consider buying only air fryer-safe or oven-friendly glassware. You can ask for these specifically at your local home store before you purchase them. Also, try investing in good quality glass bowls. They’ll be worth it in the long run, seeing as how you won’t have to worry about them shattering and ruining your food.


4. There are alternatives to glass cookware that you can consider using when cooking in your air fryer. Some of those include:


1.Stainless steel



4. Aluminum (foil)

Final Thoughts

Yes, you can put a glass container or bowl in an air fryer as long as it is oven safe or microwave safe! Just be sure to test it out first before cooking with it.