Can Air Fryers Toast Bread?


Everywhere I look, every home I visit, you know what I find? An Air fryer. Gone were the big ovens, grills, and microwaves. Everybody just uses an air fryer now.


I admit that I was initially cynical about the entire brouhaha. But that was before I tried it. Now, I’m a convert. My air fryer is the greatest thing since sliced bread, and you can’t convince me otherwise.


Speaking of sliced bread…


Can Air Fryers Toast Bread?


Yes, air fryers can toast bread. Your air fryer might not have a toast button or function, but you can still make do. Here’s what you need to know about toasting bread in an air fryer.


What you’ll need


  1. Sliced bread
  2. Butter
  3. Jelly




Step 1: Preheat the air fryer to 350 degrees Fahrenheit or 177 degrees celsius.


Step 2: Grab a slice of bread and place it in the air fryer compartment. If it’s your first time toasting bread in an air fryer, you might want to start slow and only use one slice at a time.

This way, you can adjust the settings and temperature and experiment with how toasted you want your bread.


Step 3: The entire process and cooking time should only take around three minutes. If you’ve used a thick slice of bread, it might take 30 seconds to a minute longer.


Tip: Alternatively, you can toast buns, burger baps, and even bagels. Just remember to slice them horizontally, first before you pop them into the air fryer.


Step 4: Once you’re satisfied by how light or dark your toast is, just remove them from the air fryer basket, slap some butter and grape jelly, and enjoy your toast.


What’s the science behind it?


In the compartment you’ll be using, you’ll find a basket(bread basket!) style fryer system, which is essentially a fan attached to the heating coil or device. When you place your bread in there and turn it on, the air fryer will create a sort of tunnel technology, where your bread will fly around a little.


Don’t worry; this is perfectly normal—what did you think ‘air’ frying meant? So when your bread moves around, the moisture that was actually keeping the bread soft will leave the bread.


Can you add toppings?


Of course, you can. You can just about do anything with bread in an air fryer. What are we thinking here? Garlic bread? Toasted pizza bread?

You can make that work, sure. Once you’ve prepped your bread and topped it with cheese, pepperoni, tomatoes, and anything else you can think of, pop it into the air fryer.


You can also make french toast and cinnamon toast.


Are your toppings burning?


There are chances that your toppings might burn. Why?


1.Remember when we read about how lightweight toast might fly around a little? While loaded bread and even french toast are relatively heavier, they might move around a little towards the end.

The more it moves, the higher the chance of it catching against the heating element inside and burning.


2.When you’re air frying, the moisture from your toppings gets sucked out. So if you have tomatoes, or cheese, or even bananas(if you’re making banana toast), they might be scorched.

What you can do is coat your toast toppings with a light layer of oil or butter. You can even consider spraying some on. This will create a lovely glaze on your bread rather than scorching your toppings.

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