Breville BSG1974XL Review: The Original Sandwich Maker

Never heard of the Breville BSG1974XL, the “Original Sandwich Maker”, before?  You’d figure that something that’s over 40 years old would be a bit more popular, right?  (HINT:  It was created by Breville in 1974…)

Well, that’s what happens sometimes when you get copied over and over again…  You can get lost in the crowd.

The good thing is that though there are many imitators, there aren’t many sandwich makers that meet the capability and quality build of the Breville BSG1974XL.  Why is it dubbed the original sandwich maker?  Because it was the first built to actually seal the crust and cut the sandwich diagonally automatically.

BOOM!  That’s a pretty awesome innovation to have invented

Let’s Get Into this Sandwich Maker Right Away Then! 

Design and Build

Polished stainless steel for a sharp clean appearance that can hold its own in the nicest of kitchens, dorm rooms, etc.

Easy and convenient handles to make movement, handling, and open/closing of the sandwich maker as easy as possible. No plastic means more durability.

Deep sandwich “pockets” means you can fit in more sandwich! That means more of your favorite ingredients to make delicious vittles every single time.

Go Big or Go Home

Know that new “big bread” they have these days?  Usually labeled “jumbo” in the grocery stores…  Well, the Breville BSG1974 can handle that too!

Make two sandwiches at the same time.

Why it’s one of the BEST Sandwich Makers

It’s unique.  It was the first to seal and cut the bread/crust on cooking and it still does it better than most.  Some sandwich makers don’t handle this task well and ingredients ooze or slip out of the sandwich making a mess.

Diagonal cut!

Popular and highly rated on Amazon .

Make your presentation awesome!  Sandwich pockets will imprint a shell design on your sandwiches when it cooks for a beautiful presentation.  Don’t just think sandwiches are low key, fast lunches.

Stands upright for easy, inconspicuous storing if you need more room or just want to store it “out of the way”.

Green indicator light when sandwich is done.

Product Size and Dimensions

  • 2 inches by 11. 8 inches by 4.5 inches tall (at tallest point).
  • Weights 5.3 lbs and shipping weight is 6.8 lbs.
  • 3 year, extendable warranty.
  • Double sandwich maker.

Ease of Use:

It’s a pretty simple process.  One piece of bread goes on the lower plate and then ingredients go on top of that.  Place second piece of bread as the last and top layer.  (Do this in each sandwich pocket if you want 2 sandwiches).

Close the Sandwich maker, clamp it shut and (as long as it’s plugged in 😊 ) it will begin to heat/cook/toast your sandwich and also seal the crust/bread and all the ingredients inside as well as cut the sandwich diagonally.

In a few minutes…mmmm…you’ll have delicious hot sandwiches ready to go.

(Note:  Be sure to read the operating manual as well for more usage tips and guidelines!)

Cleaning and Maintenance:

  • Easy-peasy cleaning due to the PFOA free, non-stick coating on the cooking plates.
  • It consists of PFOA free non-stick coating, so the cleaning is very easy. The design is very simple so after preparation one can clean the pockets with ease.
  • It takes very less place in your kitchen and suits with kitchen of any design.


  • The shell cook imprint is not cooked on if the sandwich isn’t full.
  • No sound indicator when sandwich is done, only green light.
  • Doesn’t fit round bread.

Final Analysis: 

One of the better options for your sandwich maker of choice.  There are some cheaper options on the market but this is a product that will stand the test of time (and teenagers!) and not have to be replaced every year.  It makes a great sandwich, seals and cuts the bread, and can easily be stowed or left on the counter if you choose.  Quick and easy to clean.  We definitely feel that the Breville BSG1974XL “Original Sandwich Maker” is the way to go.