Where Can I Find a Toaster Oven in My Favorite Color?

Toaster ovens have the capability to create different types of crispy foods. Different types of foods can be prepared using toaster ovens ranging from whole eggs to pizza, kebabs, muffins and fish. A toaster oven is a miniature form of large conventional type of ovens and quite popular in preparing different types of food. It basically runs with the help of electricity and contains a front door, removable baking pan and wire rack. One can place the preferred food inside the baking pan and toast it inside. Below are some of the different types of toaster ovens available to choose by colors

Types of Toaster Oven

  • Standard ovens- it is used for cooking small quantity of food. It also has different features such as toasting, baking, broiling and more. You can easily choose these appliances to reduce consumption.
  • Convection toasters– these toasters are used to stream power driven air and also has standard heating element. One of the key aspects of this oven is that it has uniform temperature which speeds cooking and also consumes less energy. Convection ovens are more efficient compared to other ovens.




  • Slice capacity- it consists of 2-4 capacity slices and can accommodate even more than 4 slices.
  • Bagel Setting- this setting allows you to toast or bake on both sides easily.
  • Shade Setting- This setting allows you to select how dark you want the toast to be. Make sure that you set this according to requirement.
  • Tray- Many of the ovens comes along with crumb tray and extremely convenient to choose.
  • Defrost- You can set the defrost settings and toast it in a single step.
  • Reheat- With the help of this setting, you can easily reheat your food without toasting and browning. You can easily make reheating settings with this feature.
  • Lift and Display- it gives the option to show indication of the setting you have made currently.
  • Housing Material- it plays an essential role in determining the safety of your equipment.
  • Cooking Function – Many new ovens have various cooking functions which also decide its setting.
  • Other settings – Defrost Cycle, Automatic Shut-Off, Reheating, Toast Shade, Interior Light, Temperature Setting, Timer, Display and Infrared Heating Elements. There can be other settings depending on the choice of oven and company.


Hamilton Beach 31335 Ensemble 6-Slice Toaster Oven, Red

This toaster is designed to provide more convenience, style and efficiency to your kitchen. It has a stylish glass door to see how your food is getting cooked. You can easily access large amount of food after opening the large door. You can prepare fresh baked snacks and toasted breads using this amazing red toaster oven. It is designed to provide better access to large amount of food. With the help of increased capacity, you can easily bake 6 slices of bread and 12 inches pizza in the pan. It can also be used to toast, bake and broil settings. It also consumes 71% less energy and operates 28% faster while reheating.

Review: Why to provide more space for a toaster when you can handle all your baking and cooking needs with a single compact and simple to operate handy appliance. Hamilton Beach is a great buy for those who are looking for an oven with larger space and wide slots. You can easily bake different food items. It also has various other features such as temperature control, removable try, auto toaster shutoff etc.

8 in 1 oven Combo BLUE 24 QT Toaster Oven – roasts, grills, bakes, broils, toasts, fries, and more

Looking for multitasking ovens that can perform all your daily needs? If yes, then you must opt for 8 in 1 oven Combo BLUE 24 QT Toaster Oven. It has an ability to roast, grill, toast, warm fries and more. You can easily prepare different type of meat and vegetables easily using this oven. The handy removal tools are also included that helps you perform easy cleaning. The non-stick grill tray also keeps the toaster pan clean. The product dimensions include 20 x 16.3 x 14 inches and therefore well suited in terms of space requirement.


THE 8 in 1 Blue 24 QT is a great choice for all in one appliance for meeting your kitchen needs. This amazing blue toaster oven can be used as a great appliance for preparing healthy alternative foods such as grill chicken and vegetables. User can also set the temperature function when required.

Cuisinart TOB-135WN Deluxe Convection Toaster Oven Broiler, White

Cuisinart deluxe is designed to provide different functions including roasting and baking delicious food. It is sized to provide 6 slices of bread and 12 inch pizza. The complete unit is controlled with the help of electronic dial and LED buttons that makes it look more attractive. You can easily set different functions such as temperature and cook time using the large blue black lit LCD touch screen. The sensors also keep the oven temperature in check and gives shade control. The key features of such type of white toaster ovens includes spacious capacity, 9 digital functions, convection fan cooks, easy cleaning with non-stick interiors, stainless steel exterior, low power consumption (1800 W), 3 year manufacturer warranty, set timer and auto-shut off.


There are certain amazing features in this toaster that allows you to choose this toaster any time. It allows you to set the oven temperature along with other settings such as cooking time, set timer and auto shut off etc. Whether you are looking to bake, roast, toasting and reheat leftovers, it has a powerful ability to perform heating in quick time. Also Cuisinart TOB also cooks faster than the convection brands. You can expect better results using this amazing Cuisinart oven. There are certain advanced features in this oven including heat sensor to maintain precise temperature that helps in cooking the food in perfect manner. It also has an even toast shade control that often results into consistent toasting. Programmable functions in this oven also keep the settings under optimum conditions according to requirement of cooking and baking. Also this amazing white toaster oven helps in keeping the thermostat temperature within range of cooking and broiling. The digital clock also helps in performing different type of intuitive and simple operations easily.

KitchenAid KCO275BU Convection 1800-watt Digital Countertop Oven, 12-Inch, Cobalt Blue

One of the best known heat technology ovens for delicious results is KitchenAid oven with convection technology. It has nine types of preprogrammed functions such as setting temperature and auto settings. It also keeps the dish in good condition and also allows you to set the cooking temperature for superior roasting and baking. It has a 120 minute timer that will remind you about the finished dish. The oven capacity is also on the higher side with enough room to prepare multiple breads and two 12 inches pizza. The oven can be cleaned easily and has a non-stick coating. You can use the 12 inches non-stick multi-purpose pan for preparing different type of dishes. You can save a lot of money using this oven by buying it online and saving a lot of money. Product is also eligible for 30 day return policy and can be bought from online using free shipping option.


Kitchen Aid KCO275BU is a 12 inch convection pre-programmed functions that gives you exceptional cooking results by adjusting temperature for providing better roasting and baking results. It can be used to provide optimal crisping of crust by delivering best performance. The unique style of this white and blue toaster oven is that it works in a convection mode that allows you to prepare food in evenly roasting and baking manner. The purple toaster oven includes 12 inch non-stick multipurpose pan with cooling and broiling rack. It also comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty that allows you to repair hassle free replacement of any defective parts. The key aspects of this oven is that it has 9 programmable functions with  features such as Bake, roast, toast, keep warm, broil, reheat etc. it can be used to serve the perfect beef roast with perfectly cooked food from inside and outside. You can enjoy crispy food with better results. You can keep the cooked food warm and toast multiple bread slices and broil the top of baked pasta until it is properly browned. Also it has an interior ceramic shield coating with scratch resistant, non-stick and oil free.

Now you can enjoy full sized oven performance with the help of this amazing convection countertop oven. It gives exceptional cooking results with nine memory setting and roast that helps in adjusting temperature for better roasting performance and improved delivery of optimal crispy crust.



Ovens are convenient appliances in the kitchen and available in different styling and features. With the help of best quality ovens, you can easily roast or bake many types of food. Toasters and ovens have been there for a while and new advancements are ongoing to provide more convenience for customers. Below are some of the essential features to look for in a good quality oven.