5 Best Kitchen Oil Sprayers for Cooking

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Every good chef knows that the oil you cook with matters. Kitchen oil sprayers allow you to easily switch between different types of oil and help ensure that you get an even coat every time. Plus, these sprayers reduce the amount of oil you need to use for each recipe, leading to healthier and tastier dishes.

To help you choose the best sprayer for your kitchen, we carefully reviewed five of the most popular ones on the market. We considered each sprayer’s durability, aesthetics, versatility, ease of use, and spray style during our review process.

Best Kitchen Oil Sprayers

Besmon Olive Oil Sprayer – Our Top Pick

While the Besmon Oil Oil Sprayer is advertised to work with olive oil in particular, it can actually be used with a variety of different oils. This oil sprayer is made with food-glade glass making it lightweight and durable. It is designed with ergonomics in mind and is easy to grasp. It features a very effective filter. This filter prevents the sprayer from clogging or spraying chunks of oil instead of a fine stream.

This sprayer sprays at nearly every angle and is easy to use. It does require some pumping to build up pressure. The instructions are not nearly as complicated as some other oil sprayers.

The only problem we had with this sprayer is its low storage capacity. It can only hold two ounces of oil at a time, so you will need to fill it up regularly.

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DWËLLZA KITCHEN Olive Oil Dispenser and Oil Sprayer – The Runner-Up

If you want a state-of-the-art, modern oil sprayer, this one by DWËLLZA KITCHEN is for you. This cooking set comes with both an oil dispenser and an oil sprayer. The sprayer can hold up to eight ounces of oil and has a built-in filter to reduce the likelihood of clogging. The design is very elegant and features a stainless steel lid.

This oil sprayer’s only negative is the price. It is more expensive than many other options, which is why it is only our runner-up pick. It comes with an oil dispenser as well, which not everyone needs.

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Misto Brushed Aluminum Oil Sprayer – Best Non-Aerosol Kitchen Oil Sprayer

The Mistro Brushed Aluminum Oil Sprayer is an environmentally friendly, non-aerosol sprayer designed for health-conscious cooks in mind. It features a two-step operation. First, you must pump the container. Then, you just press the valve for an even coat. This oil sprayer can be used with a variety of oils.

With that said, this oil sprayer by Mistro is somewhat more complicated to use than your average spray bottle. It does not have a built-in filter, causing it to clog at times.

Evo Oil Sprayer

The Evo Oil Sprayer features a unique fan spray pattern, allowing you to be more precise in your oil applications. The sprayer releases exactly ¼ teaspoon of oil with each trigger pull, making it a great option for precise recipes. The bottle is designed with a stable, elongated neck to prevent tipping and falling while in storage.

The only major problem with that spray bottle is that it cannot be used when tilted. The lid has a tendency to come loose over time, which can result in a kitchen floor full of oil.

CHEFVANTAGE Premium Olive Oil Sprayer

This oil sprayer can be used with a variety of different oils – despite its somewhat misleading name. It is made from scratch-resistant glass that is easy to clean. The pump itself is hidden underneath the lid when not in use. You have the option of choosing between four different colors. Thanks to the built-in filter, this oil mister is clog-free.

This sprayer is much more expensive than the others we reviewed. It isn’t awe-inspiring and does not come with features you can’t find for cheaper.

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Kitchen Oil Sprayer Buying Guide

There are a few things you need to consider when selecting an oil sprayer for your kitchen.

Spray Style

Firstly and most importantly, an oil sprayer should spray well. The oil mister should produce a fine, sustained stream – not spit and sputter. Generally, short burst sprayers are the better option.

Ease of Use

You should consider how easy the sprayer is to use as well. You’d be surprised at the number of steps required to make some sprayers work properly. If a sprayer requires a five-step process to spray oil, you should look elsewhere.


The durability of the sprayer is another important consideration. Metallic and glass units are the most common and can usually survive a few collisions with the kitchen floor. Plastic is cheaper and durable but can be less visually appealing.

Visual Appeal

You should consider the visual appeal of any sprayer before you purchase it. No one wants to work in a kitchen that looks cheap and mismatched. Of course, what you want your oil sprayer to look like is completely up to you.

Ease of Cleaning

Ease of cleaning is another important feature to take note of. Oils are hard enough to clean by themselves – choosing an oil sprayer that makes that task even more difficult is the last thing you need. We suggest choosing a sprayer that comes apart easily and completely. The fewer nooks and crannies you need to get into, the better.

Minor Features

Depending on the oils you use, there are a couple of other features you should keep an eye out for as well. Sprayers with built-in filters are more likely to be clog-free, which makes them suitable for thicker and unfiltered oils. Ergonomics and weight can also be important, especially if you have small children who commonly help you in the kitchen.

What’s The Best Kitchen Oil Sprayer?

The best kitchen oil sprayer is by far the Besmon Olive Oil Sprayer. This mister is made with lightweight, durable Food-Glade glass. It has a well-designed filter that makes it clog-free, and it is extremely simple to use.

The DWËLLZA KITCHEN Olive Oil Dispenser and Oil Sprayer is another good option. It is somewhat more expensive, but it does come with an oil dispenser as well. We particularly liked the sprayer’s elegant design and effective, clog-free filter.