Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker Review

You’re in a rush. The stupid commercials, magazines, fitness and nutrition videos all say that “breakfast is most important meal of the day”. Heck, even your gramma’ and mom used to tell you the same thing. But they must not be as busy as you are, right?

So, what is your usual go to well-balanced breakfast meal?  A bowl of cereal?  A cereal bar? (Shoot..when did milk become the enemy?)  How about a doughnut?  Ummm…no.

You’d like to have a good breakfast that will take care of hunger until lunchtime and not have to wake up and hour earlier every day just to get it cooked.

Enter the Hamilton Beach 25476.  No kidding…had I known about this puppy a while back then I’d never have been moody, hungry, fat, and miserable between the hours of 7 a.m and noon-ish.

Top Features of the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

You don’t have to run out to a Starbucks or gas station…or a McDonald’s for that Egg McMuffin for a decent breakfast sandwich anymore.  You can do it right in the comfort of your own home.

Machine is ready to go in 5 minutes. Turn on and….boom!

How old is that ham, cheese and egg in your local grocery breakfast sandwich?  Heck, does McDonald’s even have real eggs?  Now you can use the freshest and healthiest ingredients in your breakfast sandwich that you have in your own home.  Comfort and convenience.

The machine even comes with a nice booklet of easy, quick-to-make recipes.

And the price is right, too! Check out the Hamilton Beach 25476 price on Amazon

Variations and Bonuses

For a few bucks more you can change the basic Hamilton into a variation with a timer and audible alert when the sandwich is done.  Or take advantage and get the Hamilton breakfast sandwich maker AND a Hamilton single cup coffee maker for a great, quick breakfast.

Or how about this, beauty…

You have a couple of kids who need breakfast before school? Maybe you and your significant other/partner both want breakfast before heading our the door.  Try the Hamilton Beach Dual Sandwich Maker

To us, that’s the ultimate convenience.  We all have busy days or we need to get out early in the morning for an adventure together.  Hamilton makes it quick and easy to have an awesome, hot breakfast.

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 Check out the video to see how easy it is!