Commercial Panini Presses and Sandwich Makers

Looking for a comparison for the best home panini presses?  Go to this page.

Perfect to handle the volume and crowds at your restaurant, food truck, café, concession, roadside deli, sandwich shop!

For your convenience, here are links to the restaurant quality panini and sandwich machines reviewed on this page:

Product Brand Benefits Color
HappyBuy 110V Commercial Panini Grill HappyBuy Best Price Silver
Waring Commercial WPG250 120-volt Italian-Style Panini Grill, Large Waring Best Value Silver
Waring Commercial WFG150 Tostato Supremo Flat Toasting Grill Waring Best Features Silver
Waring Commercial WPG300 Panini Tostato Ottimo Dua Waring Best Setting Silver

You can’t really compare a home panini press to these that are made to outfit your business and really add some robust items to your menu.  It only makes sense that a shop that sells deli and bread (and sandwiches) would put all of their great ingredients between to pieces of fresh bread and create little crusty miracles of hot bread, meats, veggies, cheeses, etc.

Check out these panini and sandwich press machines.

*As you can see below, Waring really does set the bar high when it comes to these products.

HappyBuy 110V Commercial Panini Grill

Sturdy and easy-to-clean, the Waring Commercial WPG250 120-volt Italian-Style Panini Grill, Large is great for grilling steak or pressing chicken parmigiana sandwiches.  It’ll also handle burgers, dogs, and fish.  In contrast to the Waring Commercial WFG273 “Tostato Supremo”, the Hakka as the double-sided grooved plates, top and bottom for AWESOME grill marks.

  • Counter balanced top for perfect pressure where you need it.
  • Heavy duty cast steel and stainless finish for a sharp clean look that’s easy to maintain.
  • Adjustable and simple thermostat adjustment up to 570 degrees.
  • Huge, double cooking surface.

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Waring Commercial WPG250 120-volt Italian-Style Panini Grill, Large

This is the one on the list that I’ve been wanting to talk about for a while. This Italian beast makes humongous, perfect panini.  It has great, even heat distribution and can do more than just panini and pressed sandwiches.  It’s ridged on both sides for great grill marks with non-stick plates.

  • Surface plates great for grilled Panini sandwiches, hamburgers, chicken, vegetables and more
  • Features ribbed cast-iron plates great grill marks and even heat distro and fast cooking time
  • Comes standard with a power “ON” & “READY” indicator lights and heat-resistant handles
  • It has 120 volt AC, 15 ampere power and NEMA 5-15P plug rating; approved by UL, NSF certification

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Waring Commercial WFG150 Tostato Supremo Flat Toasting Grill

Aside from the awesome name, the “Tostato Supremo”, is actually a fine machine with plenty of surface room.  It has a 14 x 14 in cooking surface and it doesn’t have grooves on either side of the press so you can cook nice little panini and pressed sandwiches when you bring the top down.  Also, it will double as a regular griddle for burgers, dogs, eggs, even pancakes and bacon.

  • Has versatile flat/smooth cast iron plates, that are great for putting exact pressure on sandwiches and smooth enough to cook and flip fried eggs easily. It has hinged, auto-balancing top plate to suit foods up to 3-inch thick
  • Heat resistant handles, Power On indicator light and “ready” lights.
  • Feet in back adjust so you can control how quickly the fat runs off into the grease tray.
  • Adjustable and easy to use thermostat up to 570 degree Fahrenheit.

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Waring Commercial WPG300 Panini Tostato Ottimo Dua

Oh, mama! This is one big and powerful panini press and sandwich maker…grill…monster!  Both sides are grooved and these grill marks make the food look and taste so much better, right? This machine was made to run all day and be the main feature of a restaurant, kitchen, food truck. Somewhere this thing deserves to be the main attraction.

  • Heavy Duty Cast Iron Plates with grooves on both sides.
  • Huge cooking surface of 17″ x 9.25″
  • Countdown timer for precise cooking temperature, quality, and so that you can “glance” on the way by to see how much time is left.
  • 240 Volt 3200 watts
  • NSF approved 

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Adraft SG-881E Grooved Electric Panini Grill

Okay, so the product title says “countertop” but look at the size of that grill surface, almost 2 feet across and more than a foot wide. Upper and lower plates are great at distributing heat and pressure evenly to the food surfaces that it comes in contact.  This panini press would do any kitchen, business or private, proud.

  • Heavy duty, stainless steel for easy cleaning and a sharp look.
  • Temperature can be adjusted from 120 to 570 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Removable stainless oil trays.
  • Two grills in one; each has it’s own cord so that you can use one side and not the other if wanted.
  • NSF and CE approved.

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Other uses for these panini and sandwich makers besides for business purposes might be:

  • Large panini and sandwich maker for a back patio that is used often to entertain.
  • Shared homes that may have several people living together.
  • Summer camps for “Panini Days”.

Here are the things you need to be aware of when buying a Panini Press for your Business:

When buying restaurant or business quality equipment there are certain things that you want to look for and take into consideration.  Panini and Sandwich makers, as well as griddles, fall into that category:

  • Safety & Quality:  Look for the NSF approved mark (National Sanitation Foundation) on any one of these that you’re thinking about getting just to make sure you’re getting quality. The NSF makes sure that the equipment you’re using or buying is up to standard to work in a commercial kitchen.
  • Versatility:  Can you make sandwiches, wraps, quesadillas, etc. Can the press serve as just a griddle?  A quick tip is to decide on a menu or menu items before going out and buying a panini maker for your business.  You may need more than you planned for or less than you had intended.
  • Inspect:  You’ll be ordering online in many cases and while pictures and reassurances on the internet are great, make sure that you fully inspect your product when it arrives so that all the pieces are present and nothing is damaged.  No matter how well products are packed, things can still get dropped and jostled.
  • Volume:  How much volume does your business get?  Do you need  two panni press or griddles?  How much room do you have?  Also, consider your energy output volume.  You don’t want to be blowing circuit breakers in your little café or frying an electrical system in your food truck.
  • Options:  Two plate or one plate?  One plate keeps you cooking at the same temperature all the time.  But a second plate gives you some options for temperature and set-up (griddle or press).  Also, take a good look (not a quick look) at the warranties of the equipment that you’re thinking of buying.  Make sure that the company backs up their product.
  • Plate Configurations:  Smooth plates on top and bottom give foods more caramelized exteriors and an even cook.  The grooved plates provide those nice looking grill marks and the searing that it does changes the taste profile of most foods.