How to Cook Panini while Camping: With and Without Electricity

You can call them whatever you’d like: grilled sandwiches, hot sandwiches or panini.  The fact is that nothing really hits home while camping like a hot meal.  Panini can be hearty or light…take your choice of the many panini recipes.

The hot, gooey awesomeness that is panini will have any camping trip group re-energized and happy with full stomachs.  And here’s the greatest part of all:  nearly any sandwich that you’ve ever heard of can be made into a panini.

Bonus Info:  If you wrap your panini in tinfoil and then spritz some olive oil or cooking spray then it will be easier to clean your panini press.

Cooking Panini with Your Grill or Campfire (No Electricity)

  • Cover a brick with foil and that’s covered in tin foil and a grilling pan made of cast iron for the panini press part of it.
  • Or, just use a regular old skillet if you don’t mind not having those cool little grill and panini marks (lines). It doesn’t change the taste!

Cooking Panini with a Panini Press while Camping (With Electricity)

We specialize in reviewing the best panini presses here at Sandwich101.  They come in handy in many instances but especially when you have electricity at the campsite.

Actually, you can use something like a George Foreman grill into a panini press.  It’s a great way to make what you have work for you…and that’s what camping is all about, right?