7 Best Large Toaster Oven Reviews for 2023


How do you select the best large toaster oven that is the most appropriate for your kitchen?

If you want to purchase a large toaster oven for your kitchen you may have to make your selection from hundreds of models and brands. Well we’ve taken the hard work out of that search for you. Those who use the best large toaster oven will find it more convenient to cook large items since its heating elements are kept away from the food stuff. These toaster ovens can be used as all-purpose ovens thanks to their large size.

The biggest appliances can accommodate frozen pizza of the largest size for baking. Most of the popular brands of best large toaster oven are reasonably priced, offered with warranty for 3 years and are provided with a set of accessories that make the ovens highly versatile kitchen appliances. Apart from toasting bread, these ovens are used for baking pizza, roasting chicken and many other purposes. Apart from making the cooking process more exciting by way of enabling to try more new recipes, the best large toaster oven makes the preparation of breakfast, lunch and dinner more convenient and faster.

Why large toaster ovens?

Capacity of the oven is one of the most important aspects to be considered while buying a large oven for your kitchen. It is advisable to go for the largest appliance even if you feel that its capacity is more than your requirement. When you have the largest oven in your kitchen, you are well equipped to cook any quantity, any recipe and any type of dishes. With the small oven, your cooking is restricted and all of a sudden you cannot change your oven.

For a large family or  a house where guests come frequently or dinner parties are regularly conducted, the large toaster oven in the kitchen makes the preparation quick, easy and hassle-free. Those who want to toast not less than 6 slices of bread or bake frozen pizza of 12 inches can very well go for the best large toaster oven. The large ovens can also be a substitution for your microwave oven.

Be careful about the size and capacity of the toaster oven

When there is sufficient counter space the large toaster ovens are very convenient. The size of the appliance can be determined from its actual dimensions. Another way of determining the size of the toaster oven is by finding out its slice capacity. However, while buying the best large toaster oven, one should not consider the slice capacity alone since toaster ovens with same slice capacity may differ in their actual capacity. In order to find the actual capacity of the oven, one must consider its cubic foot measurement. For example, those who want to buy the largest oven so as to bake the 13 inch pizza or to cook a whole chicken should ensure that the cubic foot capacity of the toaster is not below 0.6. All 6-slice toaster ovens may not be having this much cooking capacity.

Characteristics of the best large toaster oven

Those who want to buy the biggest oven for their kitchen should ensure that the appliance can toast maximum 9 slices of bread and  bake a 13 inch pizza easily. Competitive price, highly useful accessories and even heating make the toaster oven the most ideal one. Those who buy the large toaster ovens should use the appliances not only for toasting bread but for a variety of purposes including baking and broiling. Versatility is the most outstanding feature of the large toaster oven.

Another great advantage of the large ovens is that when compared to other types of ovens, these toaster ovens carry out cooking faster and with less consumption of energy. The large toaster ovens are the perfect alternatives to the conventional type of ovens. The spacious interior of the oven enables the users to cook for a large family or prepare all the items for a dinner party.

More items, less cooking time, less effort

The large toaster ovens facilitate fast and convenient cooking of a variety of items like pizzas, toasts, sandwiches, chicken salads, cookies, fish roast and many more. The “keep warm” option of the large toaster oven maintains the cooked items in the warm condition so that prior to serving the meal the food items need not be re-heated. The large toaster ovens rotate  chicken and meat automatically while cooking. Since the large toaster oven is used for multi-tasks, the digital display for setting of time and temperature is highly useful. The automatic adjustment of temperature and time ensures the exact amount of toasting as required by the user. Just with the touch of a button, the user can choose the functions such as reheat, defrost, pizza, toast, bake, etc.

Go through the best large toaster oven reviews

Prior to buying the large toaster oven for your kitchen, make it a point to go through the reviews of the leading brands so that your selection will be easier as well as perfect. The best large toaster oven reviews are given below.

The Best Large Toaster Oven Reviews

BLACK+DECKER TO3250XSB 8-Slice Extra Wide Convection Countertop Toaster Oven

This large toaster oven is based on the most advanced heating technology. This oven ensures fast and even heating. The cooking process is simplified to a great extent. The 13 x 9 inch pan provides a spacious interior for quick and hassle-free baking of 12 inch frozen pizza, brownies, lasagna, etc. The user can bake in a couple of minutes by choosing the desired function such as toast, bake, broil or keep warm and setting and leaving. The user doesn’t wait for preheating of the toaster oven.

For cooking any type of food one among the four different heat settings can be selected. The 60-minute timer with stay-on function keeps the entire cooking process under control. The three different positions for the rack enable the user to cook food of any size. The toasting process is very simple.The user can select from light to dark on the toast timer. Apart from faster cooking, the optimized heat circulation in this toaster oven ensures consistent performance.

The dimensions of this model are 14.8 x 23.5 x 12.5 inches. For those who  search for the best large toaster oven with a lot of space and intuitive controls, this model is the ideal choice.

Oster Toaster Oven | Digital Convection Oven, Large 6-Slice Capacity, Black/Polished Stainless

This is a very compact toaster oven that fits into your small kitchen. However, it offers a large interior so that you can conveniently and quickly carry out your cooking the meal for the entire family or cook for a special dinner party. This oven is energy-efficient and ensures the performance of a full-size oven. This stylish model is portable and is countertop convenient. This model can be used as a versatile cooking oven and has loads of options. It can be used for a wide range of cooking processes including toasting, baking, crisping, roasting and broiling. Its capacity is sufficient for roasting chicken, what more could you ask for?

or pork that weighs 5lb. This toaster oven facilitates simultaneous cooking of multiple foods thanks to the easily adjustable racks as well as spacious interior.

This large toaster oven enables saving of sufficient amount of time since the user need not spend extra time to cook separate meals. The portability and other features of this model make it suitable for anywhere at any time. This oven can be used in offices instead of microwave and its compact design and easy way of operation make it the preferred model of elderly people. This toaster oven is the best model for those who stay in apartments and for others who want to prepare quick snacks.

This large toaster oven is provided with a crumb tray that is easily removable from the front. Thereby making washing and cleaning very easy. This is the best choice for those who want to cook at home to save time and money and eat healthier food.

Hamilton Beach Countertop Toaster Oven, 6-Slices, Includes Bake Pan and Broil Rack, Blackspan>

This black color toaster oven ensures even cooking and is specially designed for easy access. The large curved door made of glass provides easy access. The functionalities of this toaster oven include toast, bake and broil. This model is provided with a 30-minute timer, removable crumb tray, broil rack and a baking pan. The timer is fitted with a bell.

The stylish design and convenient functioning make this toaster oven an amazing addition to the kitchen. This toaster oven ensures efficient as well as convenient cooking. The glass door enables the user to watch the cooking process. You also have easy access to the toast, meals and other cooked items. This large toaster oven has the capacity to bake a pizza of 12 inch size and toast up to 6 slices of bread. It has a “stay on” option meaning you can set and leave.

Also for re-heating of precooked frozen chicken this is faster than the other ovens. This model consumes 71% less energy. The highly intuitive controls make it very easy and simple to use. From the dial, temperature can be selected in the range 150 degrees F – 450 degrees F. The front removable crumb tray makes cleaning very easy. The stay-on setting as well as the 30-minute cooking timer can also be selected on the dial.

Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven 1800-Watt Convection Toaster Oven with Element IQspan>

Breville Smart Oven is the perfect appliance to cook different types of foods. You’re not restricted as food such as baked pizzas, toasted bread, roasted meat are cookable . This toaster oven adjusts the heat distribution according to the food item thereby ensuring perfect cooking. The Breville Smart Oven is based on Element IQ technology for cooking. The oven cooks using five quartz heating elements. The Element IQ technology adjusts the power of these five heating elements so as to ensure fast and even cooking of food. For cooking foods, the user can choose the suitable setting out of nine different menu options. Since wattage of the heating elements is also adjusted there is more flexibility in coking.

The Element IQ technology enables the adjustment of wattage. Just by turning the knob the power of the heating elements can be increased or decreased. Convection heating is another special feature of Smart Oven and this feature is used for baking. This feature ensures cooking of all sides of the food stuff uniformly with the help of a fan that circulates hot air to all sides. For baking cakes and cookies, this feature is very much useful.

The nine cooking options of this oven are customizable according to quantity, individual taste and recipe. The customized setting will be changed only when the oven is unplugged or the setting is altered. In this way the cooking is easily streamlined.

The dimensions of the Breville Smart Oven are 18.5 x 16.25 x 11.25 inches. This is indeed a large toaster oven, but not too large. It is a space-efficient toaster oven since it is a countertop convection type oven. Since the heating and cooking time is considerably less, the Smart Oven is ideal for cooking quick meals.

Perfectly using the advanced large toaster oven

Those who go for the most advanced toaster ovens of large size must ensure to buy the toaster oven that has intuitive controls. The controls should simplify the cooking process instead of making it a complex task. The user should go through the manual in detail before start using the toaster oven. You can cook ordinary food items like potatoes using the presets. The toaster oven must give audible alert once the cooking is finished. The buyers should ensure that their oven has non-stick interior for easier and more perfect cleaning. The user must be aware of the space limitations prior to using the large toaster ovens. You may need to create extra space for the purpose of ventilation.

Extra accessories

Those who buy a new large toaster oven may want to ensure that the pack contains extras. For example pans, racks, trays and other items so that the user can cook whatever he or she wants. The largest toaster ovens will be provided with two wire racks. You can cook multiple items by moving these racks in the most advanced ovens. The larger toaster ovens will come with baking pans for cooking so that the food items do not need to be kept directly on the wire rack. The largest toaster will be provided with more number of pans for baking, roasting and broiling.

For easy and quick clean-up, the latest types of toaster ovens are provided with a crumb tray which is removable.

After considering the pros and cons of each brand and each model, one has to make the purchase of a large toaster oven.

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