How to Make Pizza Using a Toaster Oven


You are hungry, and you are in mood to make you something quick and tasty? Well pizza is one of my favorite foods on any menu. Check this video, which shows how to make homemade pizza.

With the help of Steve you will make a great small pizza for less than 1$!

Ingredients, cooking time and method of preparation are discussed in the video,so don’t  worry, these ingredients should everyone have at any time at home.

For this meal you can use large toaster oven, or small, convection oven, but  rotisserie toaster ovens and microwave ovens aren’t ideal for this type of meal.

Good luck!

How to Make Homemade Pizza

“You’ll be pleasantly surprised with how easy it is to make pizza dough. Just mix… wait… and poof, you have pizza dough. In fact… sometimes we spend more time running around getting a pizza than it takes to make great tasting pizzas. And the cost of the ingredients to make pizza dough is less than $1.

What makes this video unique is the technique (I can make pizza dough in a glass bowl with a spoon… without ever touching the dough). I call it “hands-free” because you won’t touch the dough until you roll it out of the mixing bowl to shape into a pizza. And, once you’ve made your own fresh pizza dough… you’ll never go back.

Thanks – Steve”